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At Tafakari we aim to be the destination of choice to what’s happening in the technology ecosystem.

1. What we are looking for

We are in the process of recruiting writers and authors for our writer’s program who must be out of the box thinkers, creative, methodical, and must possess a strong desire to produce quality content with actionable advice that our readers can resonate with and apply in their own projects. If you are idealistic, passionate, innovative, and believe that you have the next level idea that will cause the “Aha” moment to our readers and help foster the long-term growth of Tafakari then we would love to hear about that.

The catch about this is you’ll get paid above the industry rate for your work and we will also include your biography, website, and social media links on your article.

2. What kind of content do we publish?

Our blog is intended to be a resource hub for Tech Enthusiast and any other reader who is thirsty for knowledge with the aim of providing readers with creatively crafted articles written by passionate people who want to share their experiences and expertise in these topics

At Tafakari our goal is to ensure readers receive appropriate and relevant information without really visiting other outside sources for more information, we require detailed explanations, concrete examples and actionable instructions in the articles.

The contributions should be:-

  • Educative and Entertaining meaning it should illustrate interesting facts, teach the readers about the choices they need to make to innovate and should be supported by convincing arguments not just opinions.

  • The article should cover a topic exhaustively and comprehensively.

  • Practical meaning, aside from educating it should be able to guide readers through the process of solving pressing challenges and making informed decisions.

  • Not have been plagiarised in any sort of way; all articles will pass through grammarly plagiarism checker. .

3. Topics we cover

We seek to address the entire professional software development space from top-level architecture design to development and through to deployment and delivery

4. Article Length

We publish articles of anywhere between 900 -4000 words, with the average being 2000 words, this however always depends on the subject complexity. All articles should be well researched and explained explorations of the current and revolutionary topics in the Technology space.

5. Writing Style

Contributors should strive to ensure the articles are curated in a creative manner and should be engaging to the reader thus creating imagery. The articles should be expository, concise and straightforward as possible.

Format your article so it’s easy to read and interact with and make sure you give practical and actionable tips backing the explanations as well as employ the use of bullet points, lists and heading tags to summarize key points.

6. Proposals

The following are guidelines and requirements for your article submission:-

  • The Article should be your original work and should not have been submitted/published anywhere for any use whatsoever.

  • Plagiarism results to automatic disqualification

  • Always include where necessary a step-by-step instructions, and examples, illustrated with either screenshots and flowcharts

  • Always include a 2 to 3 sentence summary of your article at the top of your article just below your heading before submission

  • Your article wordings should range between 1500 and 4000 with an average of 2000 words.

  • Submissions should be through Google Documents so that our editors can provide feedback and guidance straight on the draft.

  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • Include at least 2 images in your article either as JPEGs or PNGs. Attach screenshots, relevant graphics, and other images that illustrate your points.

  • Be as concise and straightforward as possible. Assume your readers are experienced in their field and know fundamental concepts.

  • Reference to sources, case studies and data that backs up your argument are highly recommended to encourage further research and enhance understanding of the topic.

Care to Join Us, we require an outline of your proposed topic attached to our application form and links to 2 previously written samples, you can also reach out directly to our editorial team at submissions@tafakari.io

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